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"2 YEARS: From thought to execution, whatever change you're applying, from start to finish, at KICK Lifestyle, we believe for it to be done properly and effective, it will take 2 YEARS. Weather it s a body change or a job change or a financial change or even a relationship change, it takes time -  take control now and enjoy the ride -  it's tough but KICK Lifestyle is here to help you get to your destination through the peaks and troughs."



Sophie + John

Fitness is a balance of science and art. At KICK Lifstyle you can become fit mentally and physically, making you wonder why you ever bothered with a mundane, monotonous gym routine. 

Strengthening your body, focusing your mind.  Balancing your physical fitness and emotional wellbeing through a combination of ancient martial arts, contemporary fitness techniques and sports science. 

Challenging you and pushing you to your limits while supporting you and nurturing you.  Setting you realistic and achievable goals.  Stimulating and motivating you, maximising results.

Building your confidence and inner-strength; improving your drive and ambition, enabling you to take on the world.


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